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TJ 12/17/2019

2011 BMW 550i Base 8 Cyl 4.40L

Body & Interior

Why is my Idrive crazy?

Anyone ever have an issue with the isrive randomly selecting phone functions? You can't even use the menus as the screen just repeatedly goes to the phonebook and other phone menus. Any ides?

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Jimm 12/18/2019

The Problem
There are various connectivity failures with the following devices:
Apple iPhones
Samsung S6 and S6 Edge
Connectivity failure examples
Call disconnection - Call is transferred back to the handset. In some instances the call is then transferred back to the vehicle
During a phone call the Bluetooth connection between the iPhone and the vehicle drops and the last media source (e.g. Radio) plays. The call continues on the iPhone. After a few seconds the iPhone and the vehicle are automatically reconnected and the call continues in the car.
Contact List incomplete
General connection failures
What is the Cause
Apple iOS software (issue started with iOS 8.3 continues with iOS 9.x and its variants) caused by an error in the communication control, the iPhone doesn't reply to commands send via Bluetooth. The problem is caused by an error in the current software version of the iPhone iOS 9.2.1 or minor. Now that iOS 9.3 is out reports of issues continue.
Samsung S6 and S6 Edge device firmware
Depending on the device being used, verify the latest software version is installed on the device as follows:
Apple iPhone - Install iOS 9.3 or higher
Samsung S6 and S6 Edge - Install Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

iPhone Specific Resolution
Update to iOS 9.3 or higher. Disabling WiFi on the phone seems to help (Settings -> WLAN -> slider WLAN to off). If the problem persists schedule an appointment with your dealer so they can report the issue back to BMW NA. Dealers do not have a resolution beyond what is listed here.

Ongoing problems
If the latest software is installed and the issue persist, perform the following:
Reboot the device (complete shutdown and restart - not sleep mode)
Deactivate and reactivate Bluetooth in the vehicle
Retest the Bluetooth functionality

Note: If you're deactivated the Bluetooth on the phone after exiting the vehicle, advises you to reactivate the Bluetooth function on the phone prior to unlocking and entering the vehicle. This will reduce the reconnection time.

BMW Service Bulletin SI B84 03 14


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