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jerry 6/5/2010

1980 MG MGB MK IV 4 Cyl 1.8L


idles high then shuts off. won't idle normally, stalls out after 30 seconds

this is actually a 1979 mgb roadster with a 1974 engine. the vehicle description didn't go below 1980 so we had to list 1980. we have completely restored this whole vehicle over the last several months. we replaced the fuel pump and intalled a new weber carb and intake today. the car will start right up and goes right to high idle then shuts down after 15-30 seconds. we have made all the manufacturers adjustments reccomended. we think it sounds like the floats inside carb are set too low, causing fuel flow to shut off and stall car. we have hesitated to remove top to check floats because of warranty and return options. but if someone else agrees or has experienced this problem and knows that we can adjust floats we won't hesitate to do so. rather than ship carb back, wait for a replacement to be sent that may be identical, which will take weeks. we have been restoring this roadster for 5 months and have it in wonderful shape except for this last problem and want to get out on the road.

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cars plus

cars plus 3/31/2011

i would go to university motors.com on you tube john twist has lots of video tips you can watch. ken


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