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AutoMD ... 3/21/2014

2004 Honda Accord EX 4 Cyl 2.4L


idle speed adjusted

idle speed is to high.

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Jimm 3/21/2014

No adjustment on the engine for the idle speed. If the idle speed is too high - then check these possibilities; first - check for a vauum leak - cracked / damaged vacuum hose (replace as necessary). Then, check the idle air control (IAC) valve. Also, check and clean the MAF sensor - at the air intake hose. Be sure to use an aerosol spray cleaner specific to mass air flow sensors.

The parts are readily available from these many on-line sources, www.partsgeek.com, www.rockauto.com, www.discountautoparts.com, www.autopartswarehouse.com, www.jcwhitney.com - to list only a few possibilities.
In fact, they (RockAuto) list the idle air control (IAC) valve from around $72.00 for your vehicle.


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