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Lloyd 4/15/2010

1992 Nissan Maxima GXE 6 Cyl 3.0L

Body & Interior

Identifying & Replacing Rear Bumper Components Damaged in an Accident

My 1992 Nissan Maxima GXE was rear-ended last week. Impact from a large front truck tire. Damage seems to be limited to just the middle of the rear bumper around the license plate. Looks like the bumper shell and some white foam padding surrounding the license plate assembly are broken-up, and the license plate light assembly pushed downward and out of place. To my untrained eye, it looks like I need to replace the (1) rear bumper cover, (2) rear bumper absorber, and (3) the rear license plate light and assembly. My question, are there more component parts to the rear bumper than what I've seen and listed above?

Also, I see the rear bumper cover and absorber are sold from on-line auto parts retailers. But no one seems to be selling the rear license plate light assembly. Is this because it is already included in some other rear bumper component, e.g., the rear bumper cover? If not, where do I get a replacement?

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Bobby 4/15/2010

Sounds like you are covering everything, i would get under the vehicle and inspect for any bent frame pieces, make sure the trucnk is working properly and everything is alligned. make sure there is nothing under the vehicle behind the bumper that is damaged. and check the metal frame that the absorber bolts to and make sure that is not bent


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