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elmsrus 3/20/2013

2000 Honda Accord LX 4 Cyl 2.3L


Identifying a #3 Cylinder misfire.

Mileage: 207,000
Replaced plugs, coils, sensor, solenoid. Flushed fuel line. Replaced entire exhaust and all belts in 2010. Vehicle is regularly maintained. Still experiencing misfire. Next step? I'm leaning towards fuel injector lines, distributor/rotor, or maybe even valve work. When I replaced plugs, noticed oil and carbon. For the past several years, Honda is burning oil - lots of it. No signs of leakage. I've had it looked at by Honda twice. Recommended engine treatment - did it twice. No luck. Any advice is welcomed. Love my car and would like to keep it. Great car.

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spanionneo 3/20/2013

Typically with a high mileage car that has a misfire, i do a compression check for that cylinder and compare it against the rest / and factory standard. If cylinder three is not developing enough compression, then you will have a miss fire. Essentially, an engine is a glorified compression machine. No compression, no power. No power, will equate a miss-fire.


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