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nedrecker 12/4/2015

1988 Chevrolet C70 C7D042 8 Cyl 6.00L


hydraulic assist brakes losing fluid

I have a 1988 c70 with hydraulic assist brakes. When the engine is shut off all the power steering fluid comes pouring out of the power steering pump. It has to be refilled everytime the truck is started or the brakes are dragging. Also after you get going everything is working fine but after a short distance it must be losing fluid or something because the brakes start dragging and get progressively worse. I just bought the truck and I have only been able to test drive it for about 3 miles. I had it shipped to my house to work on and I am hoping someone can give me a good idea where to start diagnosing the source of this problem. I have a lot of mechanical background but I have never worked on hydraulic assist brakes before so this is new territory for me.

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