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john14800 1/19/2013

2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE 4 Cyl 2.4L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

Hub bearing replacement

I have a bad hub bearing on rt side. How do I replace it? I have separated the hub from the control arm and removed the axel shaft and the three retaining bolts for the bearing and hub assembly, but it won't come out. Thanks

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Jimm 1/19/2013

This is not a difficult repair, if you have the proper tools, i.e. air compressor, impact gun, a big hammer, and probably a 35mm impact socket. In order to replace the hub and bearing, which is serviced as one unit, you need to first remove the wheel, the brake caliper and mounting brack, the rotor, disconnect the tie rod from the knuckle, remove the lower ball joint nut, separate the lower control arm from the knuckle, remove the axle shaft retaining nut (this is the part where if you don't have an impact gun, 35mm socket, and an air compressor, you will have a very hard time). Next grab your hammer and pound on the end of the axle shaft to get it to come out of the hub. Be careful not to damage the threads on the end of the axle shaft or you won't be able to get the nut started. Sometimes you can spin the nut on a few threads and hit the nut instead of the end of the axle shaft. I've actually had to cut a 1/4" off the end of the threads and start over. There are 3 bolts that hold the hub onto the knuckle. Remove those and disconnect the abs wheel speed sensor connector.


john14800 1/20/2013

I got it out. It was corroded in so bad I couldn't tell if the abs sensor was a part of the assembly or not. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

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