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jo 4/17/2012

2001 Saturn SL Base 4 Cyl 1.9L

Body & Interior

How much willit cost me to get my ac fixed?

It doesn't blow cold air

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EG9 K20A3

EG9 K20A3 4/17/2012

Depends, before any work is done on an A/C system, it gets hooked up on the gauge (something im sure you dont have) this gauge is then hooked to your high and low pressure side of your AC hoses which is visible from your engine bay with red and blue caps (usually or denoted by letters H and L)

Depending on the readings, the AC tech can determine what is wrong, who knows, you MIGHT just be low on freeon.


CA_Kirk 4/22/2012

Those gauges mentioned were (till recently) about 60-80 bucks at auto parts. May be more now. I know a place in a nearby town that will evacuate/analyze the freon/lubricant for under $80 and yet, they would put all that (if still good) back and add more (if needed). The step of analysis is difficult to pass by even with those gauges at times. But the mechanical job itself could cost next to nothing in $$ if you do yourself. Depends on what don't work!


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