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lucyan ... 4/25/2013

2006 Toyota Corolla CE 4 Cyl 1.8L


How do I know my water pump is really leaking?

The car has 30,000 miles and I was told the water pump was leaking. However, I need proof to make sure I am not being ripped off. I have placed paper under the car to check and didn't notice any water. I have done this numerous time. If I go to a repair shop is there some kind of test they can do to verify if the water pump is leaking? Or should I request they put the car on a lift and show me the leakage?

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Jimm 4/25/2013

The simplest test to perform would be a cooling system pressure test. You can do this test yourself, with the engine cold - by using a pressure tester kit - available usually for free or for a small fee (like a deposit) from any local auto parts store; Advance Auto, Auto Zone, NAPA - and the like.
Be sure to test the cooling system with the engine and system cold - and just be sure not to exceed the pressure rating as labled on the radiator or cooling reservoir cap; such as '15 psi'.
The cooling system pressure test will apply a pressure to the static cooling system and any leaks can then be identified - whether at the water pump or not. This test will save considerable cost by helping to identify if there is any leak and where it orignates from.


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