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donna 8/22/2012

1999 Dodge Intrepid Base 6 Cyl 2.7L


how do you no when your water pump ist working.

car runs good for about 3 miles then it starts jerking and goes died .

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amandaatwood93 1/31/2013

well for starters your heat does not work well, and also your car over heats and your oil may be muddy. your heat will work at only high speed and your car will die. your coolant tank will be cracked and that will lead you to believe its your head gaskets. its what causes your oil to be muddy. BUT WARNING if your water pump is NOT fixed before it explodes it could cause a lot of engine damage or your engine would have to be cleaned by a mechanic, which makes it more expensive towards you because not only do you need a new water pump but you also will have to pay for the time it took to clean your engine. This happened to me, that's the only reason I know this


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