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Neojones 12/3/2013

1991 Buick LeSabre Limited 6 Cyl 3.80L


How to turn of "service engine' light?

this 91 lesabre seems to run OK except I have a problem with the dash lights at night. they come off and on randomly, mostly off. I was pounding on the dash one night hoping they would come back on when the Service Engine light appeared? I thought I may have caused it but guess it came on for some reason. don't know why? it runs fine. but would like to have it reset. disconnecting battery does not work.

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keith 12/4/2013

unplug map senor.light will come on and engine idle won't come down from starting idle.make sure you disconnect neg.battery cable before you disconnect it,and engine off when re-connecting.can cause senor to fail if you don't do this and after re-connect it will take about 3 minutes depending on your cars computer for engine ligt to go back out. let it do by self not by OBD code clearing-computer has to adjust for this action


Neojones 12/5/2013

not sure what you are saying Keith. what is a 'senor'? could you tell me step by step what to do so
I don't have any doubt of what you mean. (i.e.) step 1-unplug map..? step 2- while idling disconnect neg battery cable...etc. this way I can figure out what you are saying, thanks

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