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chris 11/27/2011

1988 Mazda MX-6 GT 4 Cyl 2.2L


How do I tune my AEM tuner if I don't have a dino to run it on what is Alfa sen pass bar it has even more

It is a after market parts it is a tuner car how can I tune it my self

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Jimm 11/27/2011

Not sure of the question - is there a question about how to tune your vehicle? Please respond and explain what you mean by 'what is afla sen pass bar it has even more'?


chris 11/29/2011

There is a thing that lets u adjust the
Psi of the turbo. And a lot of other things on it but I don't understand what they are I know when it says spr that means the spring of the turbo to give it more boost but it has all kinds of settings like when it says bar I don't know what that is or when it says pas this is a car that has all after market parts the motor is a 2.2 four cylinder turbo the gauges in side the car are made by AEM 1 is a fuel to air ratio gauge the other one is the one


chris 11/29/2011

That has all the adjustments and when u go into it u can adjust all the settings like the bar , pass , psi , spr
And ful and it has 1 that says A , B. and in each of them u adjust them to the number u want I can't figure out how to do it the place I took it to get it tuned wants 100$ a hour I am a auto body tec and I know machanical work I just don't know how to tune this car if it was a holly 4 barrel carb I would know what to do but all this new stuff I ant got a clue so if u can help please


chris 11/29/2011

If u want I'll take a pic so u can c what I mean thank u 4 all the help

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