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Fred 8/26/2010

1991 Toyota MR2 Base 4 Cyl 2.2L


How do I test and change a fusible link without tearing the fuse box apart?

1 Answer

AC130 Spectre

AC130 Spectre 8/26/2010

See if the fusable link wire will stretch when you pull on it. If it does, it means the wire inside has burned in half and the link is no good. note: it may or may not look burned on the outside of the link wire.

Better test. With a test light or volt meter, check for power on both sides on the link. No power on one side means the link has burned out and is no good. note: You can also test for power at the fuse box. With key on, if there's no power to the fuse box it's a good indicator the fusable link is bad.


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