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Tricky ... 8/15/2012

1982 Chevrolet K20 Custom 8 Cyl 5.7L


How do I stop my truck from blowing fuses under the hood?

1982 Chevy K20 w/5.7L w/ 106K miles. 8 months ago the fuseable link under the hood went bad and I replaced it with a 30 amp in-line fuse. Worked great until last weekend. Went to use the truck, got nothing when I turned on the key. Found the 30 amp fuse blown. Replaced it drove to town, parked shopped, went to come home and the 30 amp fuse was blown again. That's the pattern when I need to go someplace, replace the fuse. The fuse blows while the engine is running and the voltage indicator pegs to 18. Tried to trace out the problem with a Autozone wiring diagram but it did not help. The local Chevy dealer does not have diagrams going back to 1982. I thought a diagram of the charging circut might help but I do not know where to get one. Anyone out there heard of how to fix this problem?

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Chuck 8/22/2012

You are going to have to start tracing wires to which one is grounding out. If you have to replace the same fuse every time trace the wires that are connected to it and find the short. If it is a big problem you can get a replacement wiring harness for the vehicle.


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