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ems12 7/28/2012

1992 Mercedes Benz 300SE Base 6 Cyl 3.2L

Steering & Suspension

how do i stop the sqeaking?.

the suspension on my rear drivers side squeaks really bad. i looked under the car and im pretty sure ive located the problem area. its the arm that runs from the spring/strut to another piece of metal underneath the car, im pretty sure its where the two are bolted or connected together thats creating the sqeak. i cleaned and sprayed wd 40 on the area and it didnt stop. it doesnt look like its badly worn or cracked or anything, does anyone ave any suggestions on how to stop the sqeaking? Also what kind of rear diff. oil would you reccomend? [i apologize if my car lingo isnt very clear.}

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Jimm 7/28/2012

This may be the trailing arm - connects the rear axle to the frame or underbody. The trailing arm bushing may be dry. If this is the component - often the trailing arm can be loosened and removed from the bushing end for lubrication. Use white lithium grease on the bushing when taken apart for inspection and cleaning.

The rear differential oil should be; type GL-5 90 weight lubricant.


ems12 7/28/2012

thanks will do. its much appreciated

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