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jay 11/12/2011
2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS 6 Cyl 3.4L - Preventive Maintenance
how to reset change oil sensor light
2 Answers
  • Jimm
    Jimm 11/12/2011
    GM uses 2 methods on these cars. The most common is the "3-step".

    Turn the key to the on position (do not start it) and press the gas pedal to the floor quickly 3 times. The Change Oil light should flash after a few seconds and then go off.

    The other less common method is the red "reset" button inside the fuse panel on the passenger side.
  • Fank P
    Fank P 11/19/2012
    You can also reset it through your radio if you still have the owners manual it tells you how to do it plus other things like door locks fob lights horn levels and ect.

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