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cvg 4/23/2010
1997 Oldsmobile Regency Base 6 Cyl 3.8L - Engine
how to replace thermostat in 1997 olds regency
2 Answers
  • mike
    mike 4/23/2010
    follow the upper radiator hose and at the end of the hose is the thermostat housing it should be two thirteen millimeter bolts take them loose turning wrench to the left once bolts are out change thermostat and gasket then repeat the same steps going back...........
  • RC
    RC 4/23/2010
    With the engine off and cold, drain the coolant into a pan. Dispose of the coolant properly if you are changing it. Follow the upper radiator hose to the top of the engine. The thermostat is located at the end of the hose inside the housing. Remove the housing cover and replace the thermostat. Make sure the spring end is pointing toward the engine. Should take about 1 1/2 hours or less.

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