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deeb 12/11/2011

1985 Volkswagen Vanagon GL 7.5L

Preventive Maintenance

How do I replace the O2 Sensor & where is it located?

Trying to get van up and running due to recent impound of usual family vehicle. Heard sensor greatly effects gas consumption - soooo. . . but if can wait on it awhile would appreciate knowing this also. Mother of five where fixin' the ol' van is gonna have to be Christmas. Not looking for sympathy - I consider it a good life lesson as to why we need to keep our priorities in order. Great kids, they just want us dependent on ourselves again for transpo. Vans been sitting for some years but it ran just prior to parking. Open to suggestions for order in which to renew operations of systems. All helpful advice could be responsible for affecting 7 immediate and innumerable secondary lives. Thanks in advance.

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