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Fred 12/29/2010

2003 Volkswagen EuroVan MV 6 Cyl 2.8L


How to replace the emission secondary air pump

Makes a whining sound when you try to start th engine. The VW shop said it is bearing in the emissions control pump.
I need to know where it is located and who to replace it. My V W is a 2003 Eur o Van Reailta Motor home.It has a v 6 2.8 L motor.

1 Answer

vw tech

vw tech 12/29/2010

the pump is in front below intake manifold , need to move radator to service position, remove grill and remove 4 bolts top and pull up and out.. also ck intake and exhust hoses to pump note exhust hose runs to exhust manifould.


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