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JapuPaisa 2/22/2011

2004 BMW 325i Base 6 Cyl 2.50L

Steering & Suspension

How do I know whether I need to replace the control arm or just the bushing?

BMW 325i 2004 with 105K miles. The steering is really loose and shaking. Also the tire wear is uneven. I took it to get it aligned and they told me my bushing needed replacing. But I have been reading about it and some people suggest to replace the whole arm as the ball joints may also be worn. If that the case? How can I test whether I can get away with just replacing the bushing?

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HPI Vorza

HPI Vorza 2/22/2011

Control arms are only replaced when they get bent, the only parts being replaced are the control are bushings and ball joints :)

I have a E36 and i havent replaced controls arms to date, only bushings and ball joints.


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