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BiggRob77 9/16/2012

2001 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 8 Cyl 5.7L


How to remove a seized spark plug and plug wires that will not release from the spark plug either on some spark plugs?

Started to remove the plugs and wires on my 01 Vette Z06. First wire was tough but came off but the spark plug seems to be seized. Moved onto the next plug and could not even remove the wire (it actually ripped completely from the boot). One huge not with this car is there is a metal shield around the boot that slides in the block. Wires release fine from the coil packs but not the engine boots plus having seized plugs. Afraid I might snap one or more. Should I soak them in PB Blaster or what??

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CVO 9/16/2012

Use WD-40 or PB blaster to soak them good ( overnight ) and it will make easier the next day.
Prior for a spark plug removal, move the plug socket back and forth to break it loose.

Note: to remove the spark plug wiring use the wire removal pliers.

See this http://www.toolfetch.com/tapered-lis52990.shtml

Hope this help.


BiggRob77 9/22/2012

Thanks. I appreciate the tip. I decided to take it to a shop that charged me over 400 bucks and found nothing wrong with the car a while back. I told him if he wanted to earn my trust because of there over pricing for lack of work then they would change my plugs, wires, and fuel filter with no labor charge. I brought the parts and they agreed. Of course now there is a new problem with my other vehicle that stumps me.


CVO 9/22/2012

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