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win 1/14/2011

2000 Isuzu Rodeo LS 6 Cyl 3.2L

Preventive Maintenance

How can I remove the key from the ignition hole.?

The key is stuck in the ignition in my 2000 Issue Rodeo. I am able to start the car engine, but the key only turns far back half way enough to turn the car engine off, but not to release the key from the key hole ignition.

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emonallica 5/12/2011

i know its late to reply, but lets give it a try. when you shift the car to P (parking), keep pressing the brakes don't remove it. turn the car off and turn the key, it should come out. i had the same problem. but it worked for me.


Bob 5/17/2011

This happened to me. I called for a tow truck. The driver took a small ball peen hammer and gently rapped the key at the top. He was then able to start the Rodeo, and drive it onto his truck. I had to have the key chamber replaced.


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