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jaime flores

jaime ... 7/29/2012

1999 Volkswagen Jetta GL 4 Cyl 2.0L

Steering & Suspension

Anyone can help me and tell me how can remove the ignition switch in my jetta 99 is not working and I want to replace it

My starter is not working also the headlights and the wipers and the passenger window do not work only when I move the key a little but I loose the key and everything turns off

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HouseCallAuto 7/29/2012

Replacing the ignition switch in a Jetta is a tedious job that requires the use of a printed procedure in front of you with pictures. If you do not have a repair manual I recc you get one or try to find the procedure online somewhere for free. AutoZone.com has a repair procedure section as well that may be just as good as the manual.


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