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wolf 12/9/2010

2005 Nissan X-Trail SE 4 Cyl 2.5L

Body & Interior

how to remove the fog lights

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Autobahn 12/9/2010

To get at the fog light unit, you have to "release" (not remove) the splash guard (black plastic) inside the fender well. Actually, it will be easier if you take the wheel / tire off first.

There are 4 "clips" and one #20 torx screw holding it. The clips are round, with an "inner" center that you just pop up with a screwdriver once they are released, you can pull the entire clip out.

Once you have the clips and torx screw removed, simply move the splash guard out of the way, you can put it back behind the rotor/caliper.

On the driver side, you will see a big black box it's the "resonator" for the air intake system. While it appears to be in the way it is not.

If you look toward the front bumper, you'll see the fog light housing and the wiring for it.

There are 2 bolts (10 mm) that hold the housing in place - one on the left, the other on the right. You can remove the wiring connector either before or after you release the fog light housing. I found it easier to remove "after" I had the unit released and "dangling".

Once you have it out, remove your light bulb by turning it counter clockwise. Install is (obviously) the reverse.....

Depending on how many klicks you have on your X-T, might be a good time to consider a NEW replacement bulb (or even an upgrade).

On the passenger side, your surprise (when you release the splash guard) will be the windshield washer box (white plastic). This may appear to be in the way (and I thought I would have to remove it) but it is not - - you just have to change your position on the ground (or your garage floor) and you will see and can get to the fog light housing.

Kudos to Canada's Far East


wolf 12/10/2010

Thankyou very much for the tip. For the price of a new replacement light, Nissan is out to lunch. Bloody ridiculas. I finally purchased a pair (new) online for $180.00. I will replace mine tommorrow now that you have explained it. Again, much appreciated.


Kenneth 10/4/2011



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