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mdh992 11/13/2012

2003 Mercedes Benz CLK320 Base 6 Cyl 3.2L


How do you remove the car battery?

The owner's manual says there is a retaining screw, but doesn't show where it is.
The battery sits on a small plate, not much bigger than the battery itself. There are two nuts (not screws) at one end of the plate that appear to hold the plate to the frame. The one in the back is wedged between the battery and the firewall, and it will take a socket extension as long as the battery is tall (about 8 inches) to even get to it.
Otherwise, there is no visible sign of how the battery is held to the plate.
Seems like a strange way to install a battery, and I hate unscrewing two nuts when the manual says look for one screw.

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