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smzeller 8/16/2012
1984 Dodge Rampage 2.2 4 Cyl 2.2L - Engine
how much back pressure does a resonator give?
I have a 1984 dodge rampage and the previous owner decided to removed the stock exhaust and from a 1 7/8 inch pipe with a muffler and cat converter to a 2.5 inch straight pipe with no muffler or even a glass pack. it lost a lot of acceleration because of the lack of back pressure. I'd like to eventually put on a full new exhaust system headers and all but I'm on a very tight budget right now so would a resonator do the trick for now?
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  • Mark A.M.D
    Mark A.M.D 8/16/2012
    Backpressure is a funny topic, A lot of people talk about it without really knowing what it is or what it does. The bottom line is you want exhaust gas to flow as fast as it can through the exhaust system without it building up and causing a "backpressure". Capacity vs Velocity, 2 strokes require backpressure to bounce sound waves back toward the exhaust port to keep the air/fuel mixture from escaping in small amounts out of the exhaust, where as in a 4 stroke engine backpressure is an ENEMY. Too much will act as an exhaust brake and obviously a loss of power is endured.

    my advice is to read this article and you will have a new profound understanding of Backpressure.
    Mark A.M.D
    smzeller 8/16/2012
    so are you saying putting on a resonator wouldn't help?
    Mark A.M.D
    Mark A.M.D 8/16/2012
    Personally i dont think its worth the time or money, Also im not an exhaust expert so you would really need to talk with someone at an exhaust shop. Im guessing there is something else behind the lack of power hence why he had a bigger system put on it THINKING it would help power which it has not.

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