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Elive 2/13/2021

2012 Ford F-150 FX4 6 Cyl 3.50L

Steering & Suspension

How do the pinions work with driveshaft

Where is the ring and pinion and the rack and pinion located on my vehicle.
Also if you're was informed correctly the rack and pinion is in the rear of the vehicle and if so if my differential rear axels were and drive shaft were assembled wouldn't that involve the rack and pinion?
If the ring and pinion were maintenance does that involve the rack and pinion?
I guess I just need to understand how the pinions work with the drive shafts and or driveline? As well as the differential and all axels.

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Jimm 2/13/2021

Elive, these are two (2) different systems and components: the 'rack and pinion' is the steering assembly mounted under the front crossmember and under the engine - and enables the front wheels to steer side-to-side via the steering wheel.

The 'ring and pinion' is the drive and driven gear assembly mounted in the rear differential (2wd) or also in the front differential (4wd) housing.
The task of the ring and pinion is to propel the truck forward or reverse direction, depending on the gear selected.

Recommend for you to consult a basic auto repair manual and reference to the steering and drive line components; or perform a search on-line:

YouTube for 'Automotive Basics';


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