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volley ... 1/20/2013

2000 Honda Odyssey EX 6 Cyl 3.5L

Body & Interior

How can I open the sliding doors manually(with my hands) instead of automatically?

Both of my van sliding doors will not open. It started with one side and now the other. WIth a family of 4 it makes if very difficult to get in and out. How can we get into the van? We were told at a dealership when the first door went out that it would be roughly $300 to repair the motor in that door. We don't have roughly $600 to have the door motors replaced. Is there a way we can get in and out?

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Joe Boulay

Joe Boulay 1/21/2013

Usually what happens is the rollers go bad and bind horribly. Also the rear center hinge assembly seizes and binds to make matters worse. Unfortunately I would suggest that you at least get one side repaired first then the other when you can afford it. after they are repaired make sure that you keep the hinges,rollers and guides lubricated and at the same time free of grit . Hope this helps.
Joe Boulay
Automotive Technician & Author
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