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AutoMD ... 8/7/2014
2002 Mercedes Benz C240 Base 6 Cyl 2.6L - Engine
How many miles will a mercedes get if car is maintained?
I'm considering buying 2002 c class with 100,000 miles. I understand these cars can maintain over 180,000 mikes on them if engine is maintained. Is that close to correct? Bill
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  • Jimm
    Jimm 8/9/2014
    Actual mileage and service life will vary - in addition the actual service life realized is also dependent upon the specific maintenance performed / completed on the vehicle since day one.

    Generally, if you have been provided all the service history / maintenance records for the first 100k miles and follow the recommended maintenance schedule you will maximize the life of the vehicle. Recognize there are no such guarantees.

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