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midgem ... 1/20/2012

1992 Mercedes Benz 500SL Base 8 Cyl 5.00L

Body & Interior

How do I manually put up soft top

Hydraulic fittings leaking

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 2/18/2012

You'll need to find the funny looking wrench that is in the original tool kit. 13mm (I think) open end on one end and a 5 or 6 mm allen on the other. Yeah, its a odd looking thing.

Now, once you have the wrench in hand, open the trunk, grab a flashlight had look into the opening (retangular, plastic trim surrounding 3 sides) towards to top of the front trim. In there you'll see a couple of things that look like nuts welded to a bracket. Thats the manual release for the rear latch, with the key off and out of the car, windows down, press those releases down until they stay down. They move maybe 1/2 inch and you'll hear the latches click. Sometimes the top will raise a bit. Now, side in the drivers side, lower the visor and you'll see a little round plug, remove it, look in the hole, there is a allen head in there, rotate couterclockwise until you hear it click and the rotation stops. Dont force it but, remember, you are pushing against the clyinder so its firm resistence.

Do both sides, now the hartop should be standing off the body, unplug the defroster lead on the left side and try lifting the front of the top first, if it clears, set it down and try the rear. Providing you dont need and more tweaking of the releases, grab a strong friend and remove the top. (unless you have a top hoist in you garage)

From here you'll need that roll bar down. I've managed to push a few down manually but its damn near imposible. Normally, as long as all fuses are good and you hear the releases click when you press the button, a couple of 200 pound friends sitting on it can get it down. Once it drops a couple inches, release the button and let it relock at the bottom. Pressing and holding the down button might help.


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