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socloudy 4/10/2012

2011 Volkswagen Golf TDI 4 Cyl 2.00L

Preventive Maintenance

How long does the water pump work and how much is it.

The water pump circulates coolant between the engine and radiator to keep the engine from overheating. By the time an original equipment water pump reaches 70,000 miles or more, the incidence of failure due to coolant leaks goes up sharply. If the pump has over 100,000 miles on it, you’re driving on borrowed time. The first sign of trouble is coolant seeping out of the vent hole or around the pump shaft. The loss of coolant will eventually cause the engine to overheat. Adding cooling system sealer to the radiator won't help because these products can’t seal a leaky water pump. If the water pump is leaking, it needs to be replaced. Cost: $50 to $150 for a new or remanufactured water pump, plus installation (1 to 3 hours depending on the application). For more information on diagnosing Click [url= http://www.xcardiag.com/.../...languages-13.html
]HONDA HDS[/url]

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yboy82 4/10/2012

Nice information about the water pump socloudy.


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