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allway ... 9/26/2011

1988 Jeep Wagoneer Limited 6 Cyl 4.0L


How long should it take, th2 replace, rear main seal, oil pan gasket's, & tranny filter & gasket w/out pulling the motor

Wife's jeep, she bought a disaster, was lied 2 & promised 2 fix many things b4 purchase! now it's my headache & have100's of hours invested, but it still runs down the road! & it's a leaker! leaks both fluids daily. oil quart or 2 a week, depending on weather! i'm a pretty good mechanic & have tackled many diff kinds of vehicles & to many parts & pieces on her jeep! but we do want 2 keep it 4 future off roading! other than a few small issues it's getting back 2 new like condition

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olds40316mm 7/22/2012

If your planning to replace the engine's rear seal if it is a one piece seal it can't be replaced with the engine in ,Ckeck the parts store and find out. Second I would at least change the main Bearings ,when they are worn threw the babbit in to the copper over lay the crank is lose working the seal to death. A new high volume oil pump would be a plus to Made your mistake 30 years ago Good luck


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