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cindy 10/16/2012
2000 Saturn LS Base 4 Cyl 2.2L - Engine
how long should it take to reset codes after check engine light is off
I already drove it 200 miles at steady speed and stop and starts . will not pass inspection .
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  • RC
    RC 10/16/2012
    What are the codes?
    cindy 10/18/2012
    catalyst(G)NMHC Catalyst (D) not ready
    Evaporative System(G)/Unsupported (D) not ready
    O2 senor(G)/Exhust Gas Senor(D)
    EGR/ V V T (G,D) not ready
    I have a new enmissions modgoler put in and the catalic converter blown out , it was pacted solid was carbon , check on engine light was on before all the work was done , but it is not on now hasnt been on for about three weeks now . drove it over 200 miles so far . just wont pass inspection .HELP PLEASE

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