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Kris Kersjes

Kris ... 12/30/2011

2003 Honda Civic LX 4 Cyl 1.70L

Body & Interior

how do i locate and change the blower motor?

1 Answer


yboy82 12/30/2011

You should remove the passenger's dashboard lower cover, the right kick panel, and the glove box. And then remove the bolt, then cut the plastic cross brace in the glove box opening with diagonal cutters in the area shown. Remove and discard the plastic cross brace.

Remove the relays, then remove the bolts and the glove box frame. And then remove the ECM/PCM. Carefully disconnect the connectors from the blower motor, the power transistor, and the recirculation control motor, then remove the wire harness clips. You should fold the carpet and pad back toward you. Remove the mounting bolts, the mounting nut, and the blower unit.

Install the unit in the reverse order of removal. Make sure that there is no air leakage. And do the ECM/PCM idle learn procedure


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