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Tim 4/28/2011

1992 BMW 318i Base 4 Cyl 1.80L

Body & Interior

How to install a passenger side window and secure it to regulator

Can someone please direct me to a site where I can find photos or video for passenger side front window installation. I had mine done the regulator is fine but I think they left out some pieces so the window fell off track. I need to see what is attached to the glass and what is attached to the regulator only pieces I have are 2 small window guides does the window get glued into that? I only find videos showing regulator installation and not the set up from glass to regulator and parts involved.

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Don 7/8/2011

The window glass itself has two metal and plastic holders attached to it by screws. These, in turn, are secured to the regulator by other screws. Getting to these regulator-to-holder screws means moving the window up and down and using a 10mm socket with an extension to remove them through special holes provided for the purpose. There are usually three in one and two screws in the other holder. You may have some or all of these screws loose or fallen out. A magnetic telescopic tool is helpful to fish them out of the dark, narrow recesses of the inside of the door. You can always open up the other door and look at its assembly to compare it to the broken side to find exactly what is wrong. The door panels come off easily.


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