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Rachael Vallandingham

Rachae ... 5/9/2019

2009 GMC Acadia SLT 6 Cyl 3.60L

Body & Interior

How to install automatic lifegate?

I recently bought a 2009 GMC Acadia. It does not have an automatic lift-gate or a DVD player- both features I want for my new vehicle.
I DO have another Acadia-2010 that has an automatic lift-gate that I bought wrecked.
What is needed/can I do to exchange lift-gates and make it work properly? Any advice?
I bought the DVD player and mount also online and understand I'll have to pull the light out as well as cut the hole a little bigger and was hoping for some advice on that as well!
Thank you so much

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Jimm 10/5/2019

Recommend that you purchase or access the repair manual from your local auto parts store or local library. The repair manual will contain the details and instruction steps for both these installations.


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