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tintin ... 11/11/2012

1985 Chevrolet P30 Step-Van 8 Cyl 7.40L


how do i hold the push rod up while inserting the fuel pump?

The fuel pump was located tucked in under the belly of the engine. I successfully removed it. but to reinsert the new one is almost impossible, because of the location and the requirement of holding the push rod up that keeps on going down by the force of gravity. The push rod is inside the cavity in the engine in which the lever of the fuel pump is applied as the pump is installed flush to the cavity. The lever needs to be installed under that push rod. But i can't seem to hold up that push rod enough to install the pump there. Is there a special tool that can hold it up while installing the pump? or a special way that i do not know?

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Jimm 11/11/2012

Clean the engine thoroughly, then use a small piece of cellophane (clear) tape across the fuel pump pushrod. The tape will eventually breakdown and not cause any harm


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