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stevebtnt 11/4/2010

1991 Toyota Land Cruiser Base 6 Cyl 4.00L

Steering & Suspension

How hard is it to replace the front wheel seals on these Land Cruisers?

207,000 miles
There is heavy build up of grease on the outside of the ball and if it the trucks sits in a spot for too long it will actually leave a mark on the ground where it has leaked.
Im ok with working on the bolt on parts but this concerns me since it is steering and drive combined.

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HKS Guy 11/4/2010

Its quite challenging for me

Im sure you already know the first part which is jacking the car up, removing the wheel, remove the brake calipers.

Remove the grease cap and cotterpin and lock nut. Just look for the size of the correct socket wrench.

Remove the hub and the disc together with the outer bearing and thrust washer. Please do not drop the outer bearing

Use a small prying tool to remove the inner bearing seal. Once its out remove the bearing from the hub

Place all bearings and nuts, caps in to a container with a cleansing solvent. Its important that they are clean as a whitsle.


Pack the wheel bearings with grease. There is a special tool to apply bearings to these things but i prefer using my hand. (I love feeling greasy every once in a while)

Put a large dab off grease on your hand (Yeah!!! thats what im talking about) and push trhough the bearing with a sliding motion. The grease must be forces through the side of the bearing in between each roller. COntinue to grease until they ooze out. The bearing must have grease as if there is no tommorow.

Coat the inside of the hub and cap with grease, but do not pack it solid. Remember the spindel has to pass through it.


Clean the spindle, then coat with a very light layer of grease (Boo hoo just a light smear of grease)
Install the inner bearintg onto the race. Use a seal driver of the correct diameter to install the new grease over the bearing.

Place the hub and disc onto the spindle. Install the outer bearing and the flat thrust washer

Install the lock nut and use a torque wrench to adjust the nut 25 ft lbs

Turn the hub in each direction several times to seat and snug the bearing, Loosen the lock nut until it can be turned by hand without the wrench. Dont loosen it anymore than necessary to be finger loose.

Use a pring tension scale to measure the force needed to turn the hub. Record the number

Tighten the nut until the force required to turn the hub is

For single wheel 1.3-4 lbs
Dual rear wheel 0.9 - 2.2 lbs

instal the lock nut, cotter pin and grease cap.

Install brake pads, wheels lug nuts.

......oh i almost forgot, bring your car back down on the road


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