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d.garland 3/17/2010

2006 Ford F-150 XLT 8 Cyl 5.4L

Steering & Suspension

How do i grease the steering universal joints, or are they pre-packed?

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JimmyMustang 3/17/2010

Most newer trucks don't have grease fittings on the U-joints, Check the u-joint for a grease fitting if there is no grease fitting then you can't grease them. Most of the replacements u-joints will have grease fittings so when you replace the u-joints make sure you buy a brand that has grease fittings Moog is always good.


john 3/18/2010

JimmyMustang is a idit you asked about steering joints you cant grease them but you can spray them with lithem grease or w d 40 some kinde of lube to stop any noise or binding


Bobby 3/18/2010

Actually there is no way to spray a U-joint; steering or driveshaft. A U-joint needs to be greased in the cap so if there is no fitting there is no way to grease it. d.garland if you are talking about the steering shaft coupler, if it making noise then yes you can spray it down because the noise might not be from the actual joint but the entire coupler. If the U-joint feels sloppy or is grinding and there is no grease fitting you will need to replace the joint, not sure if you can get that as just the joint you may have to buy the coupler as a unit.


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