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Aidan 2/6/2021

2003 Oldsmobile Alero GX 4 Cyl 2.20L

Preventive Maintenance

How to get gas tank unstuck?

I'm changing the fuel pump on this car and I have the gas tank straps unbolted everything is disconnected and the gas tank will not budge. Barley moves half a inch any way. What do I do.

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Jimm 2/19/2021

First question - what is holding the tank in place? Corrosion? Second question - can you consult or reference a detailed repair manual; for example - try the local libraries in your area, or search www.autozone.com/repairhelp.

Run out as much fuel as you can. Take it near empty.

Undo gas cap to relieve vapor/fumes.

Remove battery negative cable.

Jack up rear of vehicle to a height where you can get underneath to work. Use jackstands.

Remove the two electrical connectors located on the passenger side next to the gas tank. Undo the wiring harness that runs along the rear of tank and get it out of the way.

Follow the filler neck down to the big hose clamp. Remove so you can get the filler neck tube separated from the line feeding fuel into the tank.

Located any exhaust heat shields and remove because they will be in the way of removing the tank.

The plastic fuel tank is help up by two metal straps. To remove straps at the rear of tank are the strap tie points. Each strap is secured by a 13mm bolt or nut. Remove these one at a time. As you remove the straps the tank will start dropping down. You'll need a second person to help hold and drop the tank.

At the top of fuel tank undo any remaining electrical connectors and any fuel and evaporative emissions lines/hoses.

Once tank is down you will be able to access the fuel pump. Work on tank out from underneath the car. The area where the fuel pump pod assembly will then be noticeable.

Remove the bolts or big c-clip. The pod will come up and out. You may have to snake it out. The float and fuel level sending unit is located at the bottom so be careful when pulling pod out so you do not damage this.

Note: There is a seal make sure it is in good condition. Replace if necessary.

Re-installation is the reverse.


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