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Aidan 2/6/2021

2003 Oldsmobile Alero GX 4 Cyl 2.20L

Preventive Maintenance

How to get gas tank unstuck?

I'm changing the fuel pump on this car and I have the gas tank straps unbolted everything is disconnected and the gas tank will not budge. Barley moves half a inch any way. What do I do.

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Jimm 5/14/2022

Remove the negative battery cable connection at the battery,

1. raise vehicle put on jack stands
2. drain or siphon gas
3. remove bolts and straps connecting fuel tank to car
4. remove fuel lines and wires from top of fuel tank
5. remove the fuel tank sending unit from the fuel tank. The fuel pump is located within the sending unit.
6. remove the sending unit by turning and carefully lifting the unit out of the gas tank. Use caution around the O-ring seal.
7. remove the fuel pump from the sending unit. The fuel pump is rubber-mounted and should easily come out.


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