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Mayor 9/3/2013

1993 Volkswagen EuroVan MV 5 Cyl 2.5L


How do I get to the fuel pump?

Won't start. Cranks OK. Opened the fuel line and no gas. How do I get to the fuel pump? Do I have to drop the tank?

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wbrockstar 9/4/2013

Yeah almost every fuel injected vehicle requires you to drop the tank for access.Some vehicles have a access panel under the back seat but not very many of em are like that.Before you drop the tank,check the fuse panel and also under hood for any fuel pump fuses and relays.You might just have a blown fuse or fuel pump relay thats bad.You can also remove the wiring harness from fuel pump and check to make sure its getting power and voltage.Im not sure if your model of vehicle has one or not,but alot of efi cars have a fuel pump inertia switch that is designed to shut the fuel pump off in the event of a crash to keep car from catching on fire.A hard pothole or defective switch can trigger the reset button.All you have to do if button is tripped,is reset the switch by pushing button back down.If all parts listed are working,then the pump is bad.Good luck


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