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jmsmrrll50 10/30/2010
1980 Mercedes Benz 450SL Base 8 Cyl 4.5L - Engine
how much is a fuel Pump relay this car
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  • vince^_^
    vince^_^ 11/3/2010
    The fuel pump relay for your vehicle is $155.95 (SKU - W0133-1609308) and $179.95 (SKU- W0133-1609308) Visit this link to see it

  • txmarshall
    txmarshall 11/17/2010
    Yep! them suckers are expensive. I needed one for my "88 300 SEL" but thanks to Harry Ried I haven't been able to find a job for almost a year now,so needless to say I really couldn't afford to buy a new one,so with my old one in hand I went hunting at salvage yards.Found 4 of them. 20 bucks! The first one I plugged in fixed the problem and I tested the other 3, They worked also,so prob fixed and 3 spares. YEEEEHAAAA!!!! I know it would be smarter to buy a new one. But in these economic hard times,sometimes ya just have to make do................
  • jmsmrrll50
    jmsmrrll50 2/19/2011
    Thanks peeps. did the same vince, fixed my alternator for 26 bucks and saved tons.

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