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luckydog30 8/21/2010

1996 Chrysler Concorde LXi 6 Cyl 3.5L


how do i fix a stripped out bolt in the block for the timing belt tincher

you can stick the bolt in the hole and pull it out with 1 finger

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HouseCallAuto 8/22/2010

In all likelihood you will be replacing the engine front cover. Your other option which will require a good amount of skill is drill the hole to the next size and install a helicoil insert to bring the bolts hole size back down to the size of the bolt. This cannot always be done because of the wall thickness limitations of where you are drilling into and / or drilling access. There are some things that you cannot get access to without removing the component you are trying to fix. If you have to go that far then you will replace it instead of repairing the stripped hole. Heli-coils are not always the way to go on a strength sensitive area like a t-belt tensioner. It is a mechanics call whether it is the right thing to try.


luckydog30 8/22/2010


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