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2016 Audi A4 Premium 4 Cyl 2.00L


How do we fix a Secondary Air Injection System Air Flow of a car if Error Code P2432 is coming while diagnosing?

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PartsAvatar Ca 2/27/2018

What the P2432 code means?

When a P2432 code appears, the engine control module (ECM) has located an issue with the secondary air injection system's air flow or pressure sensor circuit. Part of the emissions control system, the secondary air injection system pumps air into the exhaust stream when an engine is cold to help speed up the process of warming the catalytic converter. The P2442 trouble code occurs mostly in cold weather. The injection pump for the secondary air injection system uses a one-way check valve with the air inlet hose for protection.

What causes the P2432 code?

Defective secondary air injection pump
Faulty one-way check valve
Defective air control solenoid valve
Defective air pressure sensor
Faulty or damaged wiring
Corroded, damaged or loose connector

What are the symptoms of the P2432 code?

Symptoms may include abnormal noises from the secondary air injection system, engine hesitation upon acceleration the engine may stall at start up or idle, a stored code, and (eventually) an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P2432 code:

The most common causes of this code being stored occur in cold weather conditions. The secondary air injection pump is protected by using a one way check valve that is integrated into the air inlet hose. The check valve usually goes bad and allows condensation (water) from the exhaust to enter the pump, where it freezes in extremely cold weather. With ice inside of the secondary air injection pump, it binds and either causes catastrophic pump failure

How serious is the P2432 code?

Because your vehicle could stall or hesitate during driving causing dangerous driving conditions, Your Mechanic considers the P2432 trouble code a potentially serious issue.

What repairs can fix the P2432 code?

Repairing or replacing the damaged air injection pump
Repairing or replacing damaged valves, such as the air injection valve, switching, or one-way check valve
Repairing or replacing damaged wiring
Repairing or replacing damaged pressure sensors
Repairing or replacing any damaged hoses or fuses


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