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2016 Audi A4 Premium 4 Cyl 2.00L

Preventive Maintenance

How do I fix the P2033 OBD-II Trouble Code? How can I diagnose Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit High of my car?

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PartsAvatar Ca

PartsAvatar Ca 2/24/2018

What the P2033 code means?

P2033 is an OBD-II generic code for the exhaust gas temperature sensor circuit high bank 1 sensor 2 to the engine control module (ECM). This means the sensor signal voltage is shorted high on bank 1 sensor 2, indicating the temperature sensor is out of specified temperature range for a normal exhaust after the particulate filter on diesel engines

What causes the P2033 code?

Check for loose or corroded connectors or terminals, which is often the case
Broken wires or missing insulation may be causing a short directly to ground
The sensor may have failed
A cat back exhaust system without EGT provisions installed

What are the symptoms of the P2033 code?

There will probably be no obvious codes other than an illuminated service engine soon lamp and a stored trouble code.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P2033 code:

The most common source of mishaps when diagnosing this code comes from mistaken identity. Frequently the oxygen sensor is either mistaken for the exhaust gas temperature sensor or it is believed that the exhaust gas temp sensor is integrated into the heated oxygen sensor. Of course, this is incorrect and replacement of the oxygen sensor/s will not lead to a successful diagnosis.

What repairs can fix the P2033 code?

Replacing the sensor after the particulate filter is cleaned

Repairing the wiring or connection to the exhaust temperature sensor assembly

Replacing the ECM for a short circuit in the ECM temperature sensor circuit


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