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jmpmlp4 3/17/2010
1995 Subaru Legacy LS 4 Cyl 2.2L - Engine
How do you fix an engine leak with unknown origin?
My car is leaking underneath on the driver's side where the oil pan is, but it is antifreeze, not oil. It is dripping at a rate of 1 drop about every 2 seconds. It is not the hoses or the clamps or the thermostat gasket.. About how much will it cost to fix this, or better yet, can I fix it myself if I'm a beginner at mechanics?
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  • Bobby
    Bobby 3/17/2010
    Finding out where it is leaking is half the battle. If you use a pressure tester you can probably get the antifreeze to push out a little faster and that might help you locate the leak better. Check to see if the coolant is coming from the timing belt cover, this vehicles water pump runs off the timing belt, theres a good chance the leak is coming from back there. If that is the case I would not recommned the job for a beginner, you'll need to remove the timing belt and alot of other components to get to the waterpump and tubes that are back there.

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