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builde ... 7/21/2011
1989 Toyota Supra Turbo 6 Cyl 3.0L - Engine
how to fix the A/C compressor. It will not turn on.
There is something wrong electric wise. Already fixed the fuse.
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  • Jimm
    Jimm 7/22/2011
    An a/c system with insufficient cool air may have one, or more of, these problems;
    * low refrigerant charge; check system for leaks
    * slipping compressor clutch
    * loose drive belt
    * clogged condensor
    * clogged evaporator
    * defective evaporator control valve
    * faulty expansion valve
    * faulty fixed orifice tube
    * clogged receiver-drier screen
    * clogged accumulator-drier filter
    * moisture or air in system
    * refrigerant overcharge
    * blend door out of adjustment
    May also check the a/c relay and the a/c compressor clutch engagement; wiring, any in-line fuse - to make sure the compressor is working.

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