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Dyestro 8/4/2012

2000 Chrysler 300M Base 6 Cyl 3.5L

Preventive Maintenance

How do i find and repair an a/c leak?

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Jimm 8/4/2012

First step - the a/c system must be fully charged with refrigerant. Next - start and run the engine with the a/c system operating. Using one of these tools; a/c system dye, a/c leak detector - trace each of the a/c fittings - at the major components; compressor, condensor, evaporator - and each hose fitting - look for dye evidence and scan with the a/c leak detector.
The actual repair will vary - depending on which component may be leaking or at fault. Try the 'How-To-Guides' feature on the AutoMD website for more specific steps - including photos.


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