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kitkaitkae 3/23/2021

2007 Pontiac G6 Base 4 Cyl 2.40L


How Do I Drive an Illegal Vehicle and Will Jumping My Battery Reset It?

My car is currently not registered or inspected. I can't get it registered until it's inspected according to the NYSDMV. I have a battery draw issue, and can't afford to get it diagnosed or fixed until I start working again. The battery was recently taken out and put on a charger, but still frequently dies and needs jumped. The car can't be inspected until I drive it 50 more miles because of the battery being reset according to the shop, but how am I supposed to drive 50 miles with an illegal vehicle? And if the battery ends up needing to be jumped during the 50 miles, will that reset the battery and require 50-60 more miles?

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Jimm 3/23/2021

Check first with the local authorities, to see how the vehicle may be moved or driven to get it repared and registered.

It may need towing, first to a repair shop to diagnose the battery / charging system issue.


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